L'ESTAMPILLE - PHILIPPE ELOY SAUNIER : votre spécialiste en restauration de meubles et objets anciens, rideaux, voilages à Ploubalay, Saint Cyr l'Ecole,Paris , Versailles, Yvelines, Nanterre, Cotes d'Armor, Ile et Vilaine Bretagne

L'ESTAMPILLE : restauration de meubles et objets anciens, rideaux, voilages...


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The Company

L’Estampille is the trade name of the cabinetmaker Philippe Eloy-Saunier, who created this workshop in 1979.

A family trait, perhaps… some background:
His ancestor, Claude-Charles Saunier (1735-1807) received Master in 1752 was one of the best representatives of the Louis XVI style based in Faubourg St Antoine in Paris. He was one of the first cabinetmakers to use indigenous species, at the time disdained in the luxury industry, over large surfaces using contrasting colours. He survived the revolution and continued working under the French Directory.
The Mobilier National conserves a few specimens of his work at Fontainebleau Caste and in private collections.
From father to son, the family tradition continues. A few generations later, the young Philippe Eloy-Saunier was able to discover the taste for a job well done and the passion for a trade, from his great grandfather, himself a decorator cabinetmaker and doyen of experts before the Court.
The example was there. After his apprenticeship and training with Master Craftsmen, Philippe Eloy-Saunier created his workshop in 1979.
L’Estampille consists of a team of 5 journeymen (Compagnons), specialised in the restoration and conservation of marquetry or waxed furniture, applying the techniques of the 18th century Master Cabinetmakers who made the reputation of French Furniture.


Varnish (French polish - lacquer - gum)
Old patinas
Gold leaf


An upholstery workshop performs a range of tasks: renovation of armchairs, design of upholstery fabrics, curtains and installation.
Philippe Eloy-Saunier and his team place their experience and know-how at your service.

For the last 35 years, "l’Estampille" has offered its unique know-how to private customers.
Determined to continue using the techniques applied by our ancestors, we have learned over the years how to combine "Traditional" work with more modern techniques so that our customers can give new life to our precious heritage.
From rustic to marquetry furniture, the skills we have acquired enable us to work with a high degree of precision.
We pay special attention to the choice of the materials we use to respect the work of those who inspired us.
During your visit, you will discover the range of services we propose to convert your old pieces of furniture, armchairs and old objects into works of art.


Furniture restoration (17th, 18th, 19th centuries)
Armchair restoration (17th, 18th, 19th centuries)
Curtains, voile panels, folding blinds, double curtains, installation of curtain rails.
Free estimate at home
Collection and delivery of your furniture, armchairs, etc.
Transport and/or shipment of your goods
In France or abroad
Repair of frames, mirrors, etc.


(Your furniture, armchairs, etc. are insured from collection until delivery and throughout their stay in our workshops